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We are a two-person consulting company, formed by Claire Mulcock and Derek Goring in October 2003 to provide services in resource management and hydro science.

Claire Mulcock is a resource management consultant, specialising in rural issues.

Derek Goring is a hydro scientist, specialising in coastal and river hydraulics.

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We've included some links to other web sites that we are involved in.

Real Time Links

The real time links to the left connect to web pages that show various aspects of sea-level and wave measurements at several locations around New Zealand.

Every hour, selected port companies send their data to an ftp site where we pick them up and process them. We then convert the data into information and post it to a web site. The web sites are updated hourly.

Every day, we retrieve sea-level data from the various sites available on the GeoNet site, extract the long waves, and present them in plots on a web page.

The waves from the NWW3 global wave model are presented for three sites in Pegasus Bay. The data are updated daily.